Thursday, 25 November 2010


Autumn is my favourite season on account of all the dramatic golds and burgundies falling out of the skies, the crisp early morning sun and the gradually increasing chill-factor in the air. You just know the long winter dark night of the soul is imminent and the urge to enjoy every last glimpse of sunshine becomes paramount.  

I usually like to go for a least one really good walk at this time of year to admire the changing of the seasons, whether it be Kew Gardens, Hyde Park or in this case the scenic Epping Forest, occupying a 12-mile stretch between north east London and the county of Essex. 

The forest was reportedly used for hunting in Tudor times, that old rake Henry VIII building a great, heavy beamed hunting lodge still extant today on the forest's southern edge. Above is an atmospheric little churchyard in Buckhurst Hill, just east of the parkland and below are some fine examples of the awe-inspiring beauty to be found in Epping, its temporary nature only making it all the more poignant...

 A ha! Civilisation at last!

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