Sunday, 27 February 2011


I had another opportunity yesterday to admire the beautiful Victorian curves of Brighton station (below) on the way to visit my dear, dear friend, artist Mrs Gillian Trundle-Hepplewhite.

Gillian lives in the grandiose Palmeira Square area of Hove, in a lovely art deco inspired flat with her original Northern Soul hipster and builder husband John. Goldsmiths alumni Gillian agreed to give me a crash course in screen printing, but not before I took the grand tour of their amazing living space full of exotic wares she had accumulated over the years...

Along with the stylish accessories like the vintage Mickey Mouse and beautiful modernist carved bust above, Gill and John's house was full of hip period detail like the elegant curved wall and neutral-toned, minimalist, marblised shower below.

The upper levels of the property contained a number of skylights, the master bedroom featuring an enchanting view towards the pretty St. John the Baptist Church perched on the Western end of the regency-era Palmeira Square (below). Gill's flat sits in a brilliant location, the beautiful church up the northern end of her street, while Hove's lovely seafront lies at the southern end, a matter of a few minutes walk away. 

Gill and John's outdoor space included this beautiful solid vintage sun dial below and other small but perfectly formed accessories.

Gill showed me some fine examples of her screen printing work, inspired by John's northern soul roots and his enormous vinyl collection which runs into the many hundreds. The stark, detailed print below is a post-modern tribute to the music obsessive and a nice interpretation of the numerous nights spent under the Hepplewhite roof way past midnight with the turntables turned up to 11... 

Gill's other obsession is the retro graphics and art deco aesthetics so integral to the city of Miami and the Florida Keys area. The influence is clear in pretty, stylised prints like this hip one below.

We finally got down to brass tacks with a run-through of the basics of screen printing a simple stencil. Gill let me down gently by informing me that the crappy vintage silk screen frame I had picked up at a garage sale in Australia for $8 wasn't up to the job...however my squeegee was the business so all was not lost. We did a few simple prints - featuring a crude rendering of Gill's favourite symbol - and viola!...a few very, I mean VERY rough images emerged. Luckily Gill was still smiling despite that crimson paint threatening to go all over her beautiful new kitchen fittings.

After all that hard work, it was off for a twilight stroll around Hove's grand Palmeira Square. The descending sun created a beautiful sunset over the wooden beach huts as the square gradually illuminated with cosy, warm hues eminating from luxurious lounge and dining rooms. The grand, spacious flats seemed to be full of idiosyncratic furnishings and characterful charm, the rainy pavements reflecting a magical, opulent ambience. Not a single stick of Brighton Rock to be seen...gotta love Hove.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Just beginning the long, cold descent into another dark night of the soul...followed by another long wintery week of work. Fiddlesticks, harrumph and yawn.

I've been entertaining myself today by busting out a few collages, even though I should have been working on that albatross of a job application. The fact is when 'the muse' speaks one is as powerless to resist as the ancient Greeks were to the sirens' song, try as I might to tie myself to the bed and drip melted wax into my ears...

Below are the fruits of my labour, with thanks to my favourite store, St Vincent De Paul, Katoomba branch. That hour I spent over Christmas feverishly leafing through vintage wildlife & train periodicals and the $3 I eventually spent turning out to be a wise investment indeed. Yawn.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Just wanted to post some more reflections up...though as I'm not feeling reflective in the slightest I'll keep the Piccadilly palare to a minimum. A few more shots of London's pretty mise-en-scene...around the streets (paved with gold) of Soho and Chelsea. Easy meat and a reasonably good buy...

Monday, 14 February 2011


Just lounging around in the bohemian garret-cum-jail cell in me Jamaican string vest, nonchalantly scratching the shingles scabs on valentines day and thought I may as well blog it up since the construction of my website is evidently taking longer than the making of the Stone Roses' second album. Ho hum.

So...I went to Rob and Nick Carter's bawdy show at the Fine Art Society on New Bond Street a few weeks ago now. Appropriating my favourite form of 'visual signifier' which co-incidentally, if I haven't mentioned a million times already is also officially having 'a moment' in London...the humble postcard...Rob and Nick Carter's vibrant works burst with a tacky, neon sexiness (apart from the atom bomb one, obviously).

Overlaying over-sized, iconic retro postcard images with gaudy, piercing, neon shapes...the connection between the Carters' selection of imagery and their electric signs remains obscure, aside form the playful irony of the atom bomb ice cream and the flashy extroversion of the flamingo stripper. One suspects there is no immediate meaning behind each piece, beyond the pleasing fusion of the simplified light forms and the composition and colours of the imagery beneath. Certainly the artists themselves - married since 1997 - insist the audience draw their own conclusions about the 14 works on display.

The interplay between the recognisable Vegas neon & vintage postcard elements - each distinct as individual signifiers - results in a show of contemporary, upbeat work. The kind of show-off art that wouldn't look out of place adorning the likes of Tamara Ecclestone or Chloe Green's trustafarian bedroom walls. Judging by the back room sales sheet I clocked suggesting over half of the series had 'dotted', there must be been loads of happy young ladies with rich daddies in the new year.