Sunday, 31 January 2010


In 2004 I was fortunate enough to find myself half-way through a travelling jaunt in the beautiful landscapes of Central Europe. Those countries had not yet joined the EU, prices were still low for the Corpulent Western Tourist and it was my first time travelling alone through those phantasmagorical lands. Eight weeks of Henry VIII-style decadence...stuffing exotic foods and vats of delicious vin rouge into my greedy gob had left me feeling a little guilty and a lot more rotund.

So it happened that I found myself in the pretty Polish city of Krakow on my 29th birthday. Musing upon how privileged I had been to gain an insight into these historically turbulent ex-Communist nations, I decided to visit Auschwitz. The slate-grey Victorian skies and utterly lifeless atmosphere of the place left me moved and very upset, yet extremely grateful for the peaceful childhood I had experienced. I could not even begin to imagine being forced to work because, quite literally, my life depended on it. The concept of freedom had been such a given in my experience it was never even questioned.

Six years later I find myself toiling away in a corporate job. While not wanting to insult the memory of the Auschwitz victims or their relatives, I would like to think that in some metaphorical sense this monotonous work I do has actually made me 'free'. The daily grind has necessitated a bid for freedom via this blog. In an attempt to regain some sense of mental balance I'm documenting all the good things. I need to recover the energy and lifeforce which is sucked from me in the straight world.

So my blog will be all about positivity and the inspiring things I see in this beautiful world. A canary yellow silk Lanvin dress. The Mighty Boosh four-way crimp off. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner paintings. Bauhaus. A balmy summer sunset over the Pont Neuf. Pulling off an amazing page in a scrapbook. John Heartfield collages. Skulls. But not crossbones. Enjoy........RobertSmithsTears x
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