Sunday, 9 May 2010


St. Olaf House, just across the road from London Bridge tube station, is a beautifully imposing aesthetic structure - perfectly complementing the city's dense, cloudy skyline. Now part of the London Bridge Hospital, the art deco building was originally designed by S.H. Goodhart-Rendel in 1931 for the Hay's Wharf Company. Named after the Viking chieftain Olaf Haraldsson, who (according to one blog I consulted) attacked London by river in 1009 and tore down London Bridge. Evidently this attack is believed to be the inspiration behind the 'London bridge is falling down' nursery rhyme. A more contemporary inspiration a millenium on might involve a terrorist bombing or maybe political heavyweight John Prescott walking across the bridge chowing down on a Quarterpounder, reminiscing about that infamous left hook. In any case, I digress. St. Olaf's is a beautiful thing. Thank god for belligerent vikings.

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