Monday, 24 May 2010


I'm doing a second guerilla manbagging post because as you all know the manbag never sleeps!!! With such a selection of elegant manbags gracing the shoulders of London gents, well, it really is a crime not to share...

A great looking Far Eastern gentleman temporarily lost in the heart of it all just a wonderful dream Mr Manbag?

More of a Rough Trade From Suburbia In The Big Smoke To Load Up The Credit Card type of gent, relaxing with a manly snout on the Edgeware Road 

Contravening the strict rules of guerilla manbagging (not strictly 'une manbag' if draped across the shoulder in the classical masculine fashion, as above) but the daring canary-yellow colour warranted this chap's inclusion

And finally, this brilliant double whammy spotted at the Tate Modern No Soul For Sale event last weekend...two exceedingly fashion-forward chaps sporting twin manbags...fierce!


  1. Prime urban manbaggery! Well spotted indeed.

    Pickle, T

  2. i'd be happy to add you into the next post...hit me up with a well poncey LA manbag!