Sunday, 9 May 2010


Today I did my usual Saturday afternoon gallery shuffle, stumbling down Redchurch St. Shoreditch about 5pm. Across the road I noticed a very hip-looking monochrome shop lit up like a sleazy Amsterdam brothel. The sign above the door advertised MEN complete with an archaic telephone number. From what I could gather, the man in the window looked a bit of all right so I crossed the road with eager anticipation. Only then did I realise MEN was the witty acronym for the Maurice Einhardt Neu gallery and that the wares they in fact sold were art. Prostitution ain't really my bag anyway.

The excitable attendant (lets call him Martin Chuzzlewit) happily interrupted his skyping to give me a brief animated history of the gallery and the fact that it was merely a sideline to the main event behind the mysterious back door - band rehearsal studios. So far, so rock n roll.

Martin also mentioned that he worked in advertising, the current show - the work of an illustration massive called Bare Bones - had been vandalised by the artists in a pissed-up stupor the night before and that the KLF's Jimmy Cauty (or was it Bill Drummond?) owned the gallery across the road. Very, very refreshing to meet a gallerist so passionate about their project and so utterly friendly and unpretentious.

Check out the Bare Bones blog here and go have a chat with Martin Chuzzlewit before hes too cool to make an appearance on a Saturday.

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  1. Thats great, I love the gallery frontage and "Martin" sounds very cool .... dealt with a guy just like that on Friday in a little gallery in Surry Hills Sydney ...