Friday, 9 April 2010


One of my favourite pursuits to indulge in these days is a spot of guerilla manbagging. Essentially, guerilla manbagging involves the taking of surreptitious photos from behind of fashion-forward chaps sporting manbags. It steals the concept of photographing hip-looking people on the streets in their cool outfits from The Sartorialist but its as though the photos have been taken by an anxious, sweaty stalker suffering from social phobia.

I find the British man somewhat unapproachable at the best of times, never mind when you're trying to capture an ironic picture of his natty knapsack. That's why surreptitious is best. Occasionally you might get a guy clocking you suspiciously from the corner of his eye (the same expression dogs get when they take a shit and they know someones watching), in that case I just pretend I am sex-texting my nextdoor neighbour. These stylish men are hardly likely to blow their cool and challenge you to a manbags-at-dawn duel anyway.

Guerilla manbagging can brighten up a really boring walk to the tube or trip home from work and can be done wherever there are well-dressed post-modern chaps about. Just whip out your phone and get snapping. The best guerilla manbagging I ever managed was on New Year's Eve in Lisbon in 2006. It seemed the entire city was strolling back through Baxia from Rossio Square post fireworks, the streets awash with happy drunken Portuguese people celebrating the turn of the calendar. In front of me stood an unpretentious little local man all trussed up in his Sunday best, complete with an early edition manbag draped over his shoulder - a study in casual nonchalance. Total poetry in motion.

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  1. .. don't you read BOUGE? MANBAGs are ALL the rage.. well observed and well stalked