Wednesday, 4 July 2012


The London School of Economics has an internationally renowned reputation, reinforced by its impossibly high fees (we're talking £54,000 for an MBA peeps) and vast range of respected alumni/guest speakers including Mr William Clinton and Robert Smiths Tears, who will no doubt be added to their Wikipaedia page (via some notorious expose in The Sun) in years to come.

My summer school course entitled 'Marketing Strategy' included the expected cufflink-and-suspenders sporting suspects and ego-driven type A personalities shuffling for Professor Chakravarti's humble attention all week. Nice people on the whole. Apart from being highly-remunerated capitalists looking to make serious ROIs or at least syphon a decent measure on their company's dime. Yes yes oh yay.

I'm attempting (and no doubt failing) to be humorous. I'm not going to discuss the course as you can familiarise yourself with the basic principles by purchasing a book on marketing fundamentals for £14.99 (£8.74 used) on Amazon. What I will remark upon is how lovely the rooftop view was and how delightful apt the waiters were with their natty bow ties, indecipherable accents and presumably, below minimum wages.

The Seniors Dining Room as they call it, in the shambolic Old Building had an eccentric ambience one would imagine from an institution with the history and reputation the London School of Economics cultivates. Ratty standard lamps, original paintings featuring old fellows and dusty old tomes on economic and social theory placed nonchalantly in the rickety old book cases completed the atmosphere.

I entertained myself by gathering the following statistical data on the demographic make up of my fellow student cohort :

British people : 0
ipads : 4
frameless-framed spectacles : 6
Doctors : 2
MBAs : 13
cufflinks : 3
suspenders : 2
business shirts : 17
embossed business card-wielding networkers : 4
straightie 180 masters of the universe : 18
rock n roll gunslingers from the hip world of media : 1

Conclusion? The UK economy is still f****d. Unless you're a banker. Get out while you still can peeps.

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