Saturday, 16 June 2012


Today I learnt from the hip, young, gunslinging East End gentleman I sit next to at the workhaus the meaning of the phrase "buff ting". It really made me titter listening to this co-opted Jamaican patois being delivered in cracking style by my white, ginger barneted, plimsoll wearing, Patrick Bateman worshipping born and bred London colleague.

Allow the Urban Dictionary to enlighten you :

If a thing is buff (ie attractive), it is a buff ting. 'Ting' being London garage slang for 'thing'.
Err, that bird down Twerton Park was a right buff ting.
Not to be confused with a buftie. A term more familiar to my Trainspotting generation...
One who displays homosexual tendencies whilst not actually being a poof.
See all they Italians that live in Glaaaasgow, they're all bufties.


You got that?
Though obviously Sir Moz's 'not actually being a poof' status is up for debate.

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