Friday, 18 May 2012


Anyone who knows me knows I maintain an unhealthy obsession with born and bred Battle boys and maudlin pop ivory-tinklers Keane. I came across this fote below on the band's website, taken by drummer Richard Hughes (whose clearly been indulging in my favourite pastime of guerilla manbagging) on his US blog featuring their own performances plus a variety of hipsters and generally atmospheric shots from Texas's SXSW festival. I'm not normally enamoured of American sartorial style, but lets face it, this guy's manbag seriously epitomises 21st century post-ironic coolness. I'm seeing 'the chaps' play again next month, and a Keane show is a religious experience equalled only by the likes of seminal indie fops Richard Ashcroft and Sir Stephen Patrick Morrissey. People sometimes take the piss out of Keane for being southern posh nonces (read...'middle class') who dare to write epic, emotional, piano-based tunes about their feelings. These people are twats. Click here to see a very funny example.  

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