Sunday, 25 March 2012


Nothing says late night, maudlin street like the first day after the clocks go forward and a beautiful twilight slowly descends after a sunny London weekend. It takes six months of deepest, darkest, winter purgatory to really appreciate the first few weeks of summer and feel your entire being gradually revitalise itself. These shots were taken tonight along the Southbank where the whole city seemed to be out in force celebrating the official dumping of our S.A.D. lights for another year... 

Dour Glaswegian tunesmiths Glasvegas have helped me through many a Dickensian winter's evening and James Allan's lyricism truly captures the zeitgeist of a northern hemisphere winter...   

Winter blues no love for you
Seasons change in a gothic way
10,000 lux to lift us up
In these winter nights if I'm wandering alone
I'll turn on my S.A.D. light

As I'm staring at Alpha Centuri
All I can see is low it's glow seems so far
How did I get to this point of things playing so heavy on my heart
Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
I'll turn on my S.A.D. light

Listen to the track here

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