Wednesday, 22 February 2012


One of the grittier artistic sights of Olde Petersburge was the Pushkinskaya 10 Art Centre. Housed in one of the grim apartment complexes south west of Nevsky Prospekt, the organisation's front entrance (below) appeared not unlike a Soviet gentleman's cottaging establishment.

The centre, established in 1989 is an artists' collective combining studios, residential flats, a bar/niteklub called Fish Fabrique and various other outlets for unbridled local creativity. Unfortunately, most of the galleries were either closed on account of their haphazard, non-conformist opening hours or too intimidating for a couple of piss-weak gaijin chancers like ourselves to actually enter. However, the residents' comings and goings (complete with the Soviet Death Stare directed as us two clowns) gave us license to slip in uninvited to the apartments' communal areas and have a right old sticky beak. Heres what we found...

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