Sunday, 23 January 2011


I chuffed up through the bleak east-midlands darkness on the dreaded 6.15am train yesterday (the only one the RST exchequer can afford these days!) to see the 2011 International Postcard Show at Nottingham's beautiful Surface Gallery (below).

Including the work of over 100 international artists, the exhibition's brief was entirely unrestricted apart from the simple requirement that each piece be limited to the standard 4 x 6 cm postcard size. Your humble correspondent, I admit, had a vested interest in seeing the show, with six of my own works exhibited (below). Leaving the biting criticism of my own output to the likes of my nemesis Alan Yentob, I will mention that a website is currently under construction - featuring the full range of RST works - which will be available to view and purchase imminently. Details to follow soon. 

Beyond All Pity (c) 2010

Presents From Brighton (c) 2010

The Psycho And Sex (c) 2010

Vote Conservative (c) 2010

A Bad Review (c) 2010

Picasso (c) 2010

Other interesting work included Youngjoo Yoo's minimalist series of 'figurative numbers' 1 to 6 (below).  Each piece charmingly simple in its approach - the utilisation of flat matt black paint on a cardboard brown surface - Yoo's work was reminiscent of early 20th c modernists such as cubist Georges Braque and eminent British sculptor Barbara Hepworth.   

Another impressive piece I really loved was Ioana Coman's 'Who Am I?' (below). These three tiny words accompanied by the mixed media image of a woman's crossed legs hoisting up (or down?) a delicate lace thong seemed so universal in its comment on the modern young western woman's psychology, sexuality and general insecurities. Always interested in art that speaks of the female experience, I found this piece amusing, poignant and pretty in equal measure.

Work featured in the Surface Gallery's International Postcard Show is available to purchase and will be exhibited until 29th January, 2011. Find out more at the gallery's website here.

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