Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Visited the Hackney Wicked Festival a few weekends ago....a small local arts festival in its third year in the hipster East London area of Hackney Wick. Evidently still in its embryonic stages, the festival attracted a smattering of curious locals of the slightly chavvish variety and a swarm of young hippies, too-cool-for-school art students (below), along with other assorted post-modern riff-raff.

Hackney Wick remains a predominantly industrial area, its numerous dilapidated factories now converted mainly to artists' studios (above). Many of these studios were open as part of the festival, allowing the public to view the artists' working within their natural environment, witness their creative process, ask questions and of course, purchase work (below). Having a window into these artistic work spaces proved an extremely interesting experience as well as an inspiration to see creative people making a living from their practise.


  1. Love these pics, what a great Festival !!!

  2. I second the above & in particular covet that first bird's dinosaur cardi!

  3. its from the k-mart vintage section