Tuesday, 9 February 2010


There is something so incredibly chic and refined about the Chanel brand aesthetic. It's signature monochrome minimalism and subtle use of pastel, feminine hues starkly contrasts the slutty trashiness of labels like Versace or D&G.
The mythical 'Chanelore' of Coco's rise to fame was encouraged by the woman herself who bullshitted about her formative years like a true hustler. Her closure of the house in 1939 and subsequent fall from grace after boffing Nazi Hans Gunther von Dincklage set the scene for her spectacular comeback in the 50s and many a Hollywood biopic since then.
The simple detailing of iconic Chanel pieces - the gold buttons featuring the double-C logo on a thick checked wool suit or the classic quilted & chained handbag - seemed to epitomise the chic, glamorous woman at the height of her success. A woman old enough to fork out for a wardrobe full of Chanel but not quite old enough for the rot to set in. The prettiest (and nicest!) girl in my high school's sole ambition was 'to buy a Chanel suit by the time I'm 25'. She also had the biggest tits so I'm guessing the breast reduction she later had must've meant she'd finally attained that goal of one of Karl's mid-90s classics hanging there in her closet. Buxom figures and Chanel suits are mutually exclusive darling! Those were halcyon days though...back when women actually had breast reductions.

Whether its vintage Chanel designed by the lady or the Largerfeld interpretation of the brand aesthetic - Chanel will always symbolise to me the quintessential minimalist Parisienne style.
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